Friday, September 19, 2008

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting Paid To Shop

Most people find joy in shopping, so why not be even more joyful and earn money while you shop to shop more.

Teaching Online

Most companies require prior experience and/or degree.

Here are a few companies:

Bookkeeping/admin work from home jobs

Most companies require prior experience and/or degree.

Here are a few companies:

Cashing in on Your Photos

Is your passion in photography? Well, sign up with photography companies and get paid for your photos.

Check out these companies:

Getting Paid to Write Articles, Poems, etc

If you enjoy writing then this would be a good way to get paid for what you enjoy doing. Get paid to write articles for companies or reviews for websites. You can also write poetry and get paid per poem.

Here are a few available openings:

Online Customer Service Work

Most Customer Service jobs require you to have a landline phone, internet, good communication skills and a computer. Every company will each have their own qualification standard. So, like the Data entry jobs just follow the company application instructions.

Most companies will do a criminal background check because of the sensitive customer information you will be dealing with as an agent (call center agent). As an agent you will most likely be hired as an independent contractor. As an independent contractor you will have to make you put cash aside every time you’re paid, for tax purposes because your taxes are not taken out for you the way it would if you were hired as an employee. Here are a few available


Want to earn some extra cash?

Online Data Entry jobs

I know, no, I know we have all been in contact with these scam Data Entry job sites; where you have to pay a 30 dollar or more fee to receive what you think will be invitations to Data Entry jobs. You sign up; then, you realize it is really just nothing more than an information packet describing the requirements needed to work online as a Data Entry contractor. Just disappointing, and there is no way of getting your money back.

Well, I am here to tell you there are genuine opportunities and I have provided a few links:

Hope this helps.